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Clean Air, Healthy Body

The air in your home is probably much dirtier than the air outside, regardless of where you live. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the typical home’s air is one of the top environmental hazards, containing:

  • gaseous pollutants from cooking
  • household chemicals (VOC)
  • mold spores
  • pollen
  • dust mites
  • bacteria and viruses
  • pet dander

While your HVAC air filter traps some of the particles in your air, an Air Purifier can significantly reduce pollutants in your home, relieving allergy and asthma symptoms and preventing respiratory illnesses later.


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Symptoms Mold Allergy


The Dangers of Mold Spores on your Health

If you have an allergy to mold, its presence in your home can make you feel miserable. More importantly, though, mold spores can impact your health negatively, making it difficult to enjoy the activities that you love to do. The symptoms triggered by mold exposure vary from one person to another in severity as well as in type.

Stuffy Nose Remedy


Top 10 Natural Remedies for your Stuffy Nose

If anyone who has suffered with a congested nose will know how this can affect their life negatively. Watery eyes and plugged ears can accompany this problem which is usually caused by an allergy, high humidity in the air which caches dust and pollution and makes it hard to breath or some sinus infection or cold you have.

Hepa Air Purifier


How to Benefit from a HEPA Air Purifier

For people looking to improve the quality of the air within their home, using a HEPA air purifier is an excellent option. After all, dirty air can cause health issues for you, especially if you already have asthma or allergies. Available in portable and non-portable styles HEPA air purifiers eliminate indoor air irritants, creating cleaner, fresher air for you to breathe. 


Austin Air Allergy Machine Air Purifier - White

Austin Allergy Air Purifier

This Austin air purifier was designed specifically to help allergy- and asthma-sufferers find relief. Using HEGAHEPA filtration, it removes a variety of airborne allergens, gases, chemicals, smoke & odors from areas sized up to 1,500 sq ft.



Is Your Perfume Toxic?

Ah, it smells so sweet, but the reality is that fragrant perfume you sprayed on this morning may have a more sinister side. Unfortunately, it’s not just fragrance that goes into that attractively decorated perfume bottle.

Asthma Triggers


Vitamin D and Asthma: Can it Help Treat the Symptoms?

Childhood asthma can be a frustrating problem for both parents and children. Identifying triggers which cause asthma flare-ups in a child can take a great deal of detective work. 

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