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Mold Prevention

3 ways to Prevent Mold from Growing in your Home

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If you live in a humid area then you should understand how mold grows and how to get rid of it because it could have a negative effect on your life. Mold needs humidity and water to grow its colonies. A humid environment like 60% Relative Humidity (RH) and higher will help mold to grow according to EPA. It’s best to keep your home at 30% to 50% RH to avoid mold growth and its harmful side effects.

1) Dehumidifier

One way to keep humidity levels low in your home or apartment is to use a dehumidifier.  A portable dehumidifier is great for taking water out of the air. A good place to put the machine is in the basement or where it feels damp and musty. Most of the dehumidifiers come with a 2 litre water tank that will fill up in about half a day. You will manually have to pour the water out unless you have it hooked up to your drain.

2) Air Conditioner

Moist Air Conditioners have a dehumidifier mode to take excessive humidity out of the air on top of reducing heat levels in your home. They are similar to the dehumidifier by reducing humidity levels but are not as efficient. A home AC unit usually can get rid of the water it collects directly to a drain using a plastic hose. A good air conditioning unit will have the capability of taking the equivalent of a couple of gallons of water from the air daily.

3) Stop Water Leakage

Make sure there is no water leaking into your home or apartment.  Mold loves water and humid environments. This can happen especially in the basement and bathrooms so you need to check every floor, wall (drywall), ceiling looking for water damage like peeling paint, warped walls, and stained ceilings. Make sure water doesn’t accumulate (pool) against the side of your home after a rain because the next step is to run (seep) down the side of your foundation into the basement. If water has pooled it should be about a foot away from your outer wall. Just add dirt around your outer walls so they are higher than the ground a foot away. Window wells can also accumulate water and start to leak into the house if they don’t drain within 24 hours of being filled.


Try keeping your RH (Relative Humidity) levels below 60% by using the suggested methods above. So make if your home has sustained water damage, get to work as soon as possible on the problem. Living in high humid climates and hurricanes zones should make you more diligent about mold prevention.

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