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The Whisper Quiet Air Purifier

Option A - HEPA

The Whisper Quiet Air Purifier

This is the room air purifier that emits a faint 20 decibels of sound, about 30% quieter than a whisper. Ideal for a bedroom, even at the highest of its five speeds, it operates softly and unobtrusively, scouring the air in a 625'-sq. room...

The Filterless 650' sq. Air Purifier

Option B - Ionizer

The Filterless 650' sq. Air Purifier

This is the air cleaner that removes air pollutants without costly filters. It emits billions of harmless electrons that attach to air impurities and convert them to negatively charged ions, causing the pollutants to gravitate and bond to the positively charged...

The Pet Allergen Removing Air Purifier

Option C - HEPA

The Pet Allergen Air Purifier

This is the air filter specially designed to clean a pet owner's home of allergens and odors cast off by dogs, cats, and other dander-producing animals. Its medical-grade HEPA filter contains 15 lbs. of activated carbon that captures 99.97% of particles larger than .03 microns...

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