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How to Remove Pollen from the Air in your Home

By Lily Paine

Pollen season can be a miserable time for those with hay fever. Whether you're allergic to just one type of pollen, such as grass pollen, or react to several types of pollen during the main pollen-release period, you likely have to spend most of the summer indoors. However, you don't get away from pesky pollen altogether by simply closing your windows and doors.

Pollen sticks to pet hair and clothing, and it can also enter your home through small gaps around your door frame and windows. Once it's in your home, pollen drifts in the air. But there are steps you can take to remove it. Here are two effective options for you to consider:

Use A Warm Steam Vaporizer

A warm steam vaporizer creates an inhospitable environment for allergens by keeping the air in your home moist. The longer you run the vaporizer, the greater the reduction in pollen in the air, so choose a model that can be safely left on all day and night.

Using the vaporizer in your bedroom at night can help you sleep better, as your symptoms will reduce in severity when the amount of pollen in your room decreases.

If you choose a vaporizer that allows you to add essential oils to the water compartment, add a few drops of high-quality essential oils that support your respiratory system.

This can be therapeutic immediately after you've been outdoors, and your symptoms are particularly severe. Eucalyptus oil is said to be a decongestant, while wild oregano oil is said to be beneficial for clearing mucus.

Get An Air Purifier

Using an air purifier is another effective strategy when tackling pollen in your home. Air purifiers that use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration or electrical charges are cost-effective and work well in the home environment.

HEPA Air Purifiers use a fiberglass filter to capture pollen, while models that use electrical charges (Ionic Air Purifier) collect the pollen on internal plates. Some air purifiers have the added benefit of removing other common allergens from the air in your home, such as pet dander.

You also have the option of buying a portable air purifier or having a system installed that provides air purification for your entire house. You should weigh the severity of your symptoms and how many months of the year you're affected by pollen when choosing between an inexpensive portable model and the larger investment of installing a permanent air purification system.


These two options for removing pollen from the air in your home can make your home environment much more comfortable. However, if your symptoms still seem unbearable, speak to your doctor. New antihistamine products continue to be developed in response to the rising number people with allergies, so your doctor may be able to recommend a new treatment.



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