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Removing Mold


4 DIY Tips to Remove Mold from your Home

By The Air Purifier

There are many DIY ways to get rid of mold from your home including Black Mold. This will include Porous and non-Porous surfaces. This kind of DIY project will require disposable Gloves (rubber) and Mask, Empty Spray Bottle, Sponge, Paper Towels or rag, Brush and a Empty Bucket. When finished put gloves, mask, sponge and paper towels in a garbage bag and get it out of your house. If mold has gotten in behind your walls and in your carpets you will have a bigger project that might require Mold Remediation.

Here are Four Removal Tips;

  1. Fill up an empty spray bottle with Distilled White Vinegar (do not dilute) and spray it on the mold and leave it for 1 hour than wipe off with Sponge or paper towel. Vinegar works well on porous (soft) surfaces.
  2. Take one cup of Bleach (any bleach) and add it to one gallon of water in your bucket. Then put this mixture in spray bottle and apply. Wipe off with sponge or paper towel. Bleach works well on non-porous (hard) surfaces.
  3. Take Hydrogen Peroxide (3% concentration) and add it to an empty spray bottle and spray on mold and leave it for 10 minutes. Than scrub all mold and stains until gone, then wipe surface clean after.
  4. Add one cup of Borax to one gallon of water in your bucket. Use mixture and scrub away all mold and stains. Wipe clean or when dry vacuum with hepa vacuum cleaner.

You could also go to your nearest hardware store and purchase what they have on the shelves to kill mold and follow the directions. They might or might not contain harsh chemicals.

If your basement or home has been flooded you will need to get rid of the water and dry it out within 48 hours or unfortunately mold will start to grow especially in summer months or high humid conditions. It can also grow on your furniture.

Mold Spores

These spores come off of black mold and float in the air and if breathed in can cause respiratory and cognitive health problems with people with Mold Allergies. According to some experts indoor mold and spores can be killed on all surfaces by just using bleach (1). And other experts say without water mold will die but the spores do not. They will regenerate their colonies if water returns (2).


Removing mold is not an exact science so all of these formulas might work short term but there is a good chance that your mold could return which would require a more extensive and expensive job. So make sure if your home has sustained water damage, get to work as soon as possible on the problem. Try keeping your RH (Relative Humidity) levels below 60% by using the suggested methods above.


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