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What You Need to Know About an Air Purifying Humidifier

By beconrad

Year after year, one of the most consistent problems reported by homeowners is that of dry indoor air. This dry indoor air problem tends to be most noticeable in the winter months, when the home tends to remain tightly closed to keep out the cold, but dry air can manifest itself any time of year. 

When the problem of dry air strikes, many homeowners naturally start shopping for a good humidifier, but it is important to know what to look for before making this important purchase.

One of the most popular and useful types of home humidifier is the air purifying humidifier, and it is easy to see why they are so popular with homeowners. After all, the idea of cleaning the air and adding moisture at the same time certainly has a great deal of appeal. 

Dry air and dirty air can cause a number of health problems, ranging from merely annoying, such as dry eyes or sinus problems, to quite dangerous, such as the triggering of an asthma attack or similar serious breathing problem.

Therefore, the purchase of a quality air purifier humidifier can have some significant health benefits as well as provide a better quality of life and a more pleasant indoor living environment.  In order to shop for the best air purifying humidifier, however, it is important to understand why dry air is a problem, and how such a unit can help solve the problem.


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The reason that dry air poses such a threat to health and comfort is that the dry air will cause dust in the home to be stirred up, resulting in many more airborne dust particles than usual.  If there is more moisture in the air, those dust particles will absorb the moisture and become too heavy to be airborne. 

Using an air purifying humidifier adds moisture to the air and thus reduces the unwanted buildup of dust particles. The added moisture can also help to remove germs and other contagions from the air, resulting in a healthier environment for young and old alike.

In addition to the added health benefits of adding an air purifying humidifier, adding such a unit can even have an effect on wrinkles and other signs of aging. Many signs of aging are caused by dry skin, and an existing dry skin problem can be made worse by dry indoor air, especially in the colder winter months.  

Adding additional moisture to the air can reduce this skin dryness and irritation, and reduce the need for expensive and often ineffective creams and moisturizers.

When choosing from the many air purifier humidifiers at the local hardware, home improvement or department store, it is important to choose a unit with a large enough reservoir to fit the home in which it will be placed. 

A humidifier that will be servicing a large home will of course need to be larger than a unit that will be placed in a small cottage or bungalow. Choosing a unit with a large capacity will also reduce the need to constantly refill the unit.

The filters are of course an important part of the purchase decision as well, and it is vital that the filters be changed regularly in order to keep the air purification and humidification working properly. 

It is a good idea to look for a unit with filters that are easy to change, and perhaps a unit that provides a signal that the filter needs to be changed.  When purchasing the humidifier it is also a good idea to buy a few spare filters, and to replenish the filter supply as needed.


Finally, if you are not sure that your air purifying humidifier is working properly, adding a fragrance to the water reservoir can provide a clue. If the unit is functioning properly, the fragrance you add will be dispersed throughout the home, providing a pleasant aroma as well as moistened air. 

If the fragrance is hard to detect or completely absent, it may be an indication that the filter needs to be changed, or that the humidifier itself needs to be serviced or replaced.

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