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Steam Cleaning the Carpets

Four Tips for Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

By Althea Warburton

Steam cleaning has many advantages over using chemical solutions when it comes to cleaning your carpet. Surface cleaners leave potentially toxic residue in your carpets, and don't provide the deep-down clean that a proper steam cleaning can offer. 

While chemical solutions are generally effective in removing most surface stains, steam cleaning is the only method known to get deep down in your carpet to remove almost all traces of dirt and bacteria. This is because steam cleaning methods penetrate your carpet to its deepest layer.

This results in spotless, fresh-smelling carpets that are free of odor and allergens. Below are some tips to consider when steam cleaning your carpet.

Consider the Time of Year

It's best to steam your carpets during a time of year where you'll be able keep your windows open. This will allow air to circulate through the home and dry your carpets faster. Summer months are fine but try to stick to the less humid days, so your carpet doesn't stay moist for too long.

Remove Pet Stains

Before steam cleaning your carpet, you'll need to remove any stains from pet urine. The hot water that steam cleaners use to lift stains can bond pet urine to your carpet's fabric, making it impossible to remove. Use a specially formulated pet stain remover to lift these stains before proceeding with steam.

Look for Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions

If you have children, allergies, or pets, search for non-toxic products to use in your steam cleaner. Many companies provide cleaning solutions that are child-safe and biodegradable.

Harness the Power of Vapor

For tough or ground-in stains, consider using a vapor steam cleaner. Vapor steam cleaners are effective in removing bacteriamold, and even viruses from your carpeting. They are able to cleandisinfect, and kill insects, all without the use of harsh chemicals.

As a bonus, they usually come equipped with several attachments that can be used to clean other surfaces in the house. Vapor steam cleaners save you money in household products and keep your home environmentally friendly, all at the same time. 


The above tips should keep your home looking and smelling fresh. Consider using steam the next time you want to deep clean your carpets.



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