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Why Vapor Steam Cleaning Is Helpful For Dust & Mold Allergies

By Pam Pieroni

If you are allergic to dust mites and mold, you know that keeping your home clean is very important to your health. Dust mites live in carpets, mattresses, furniture, and other items, even clothing. The high heat of vapor steam destroys dust mites immediately. 

If you run a steam cleaner over your mattress, carpet or upholstered furniture, you will kill the allergens on contact with little to no wetness left behind. 

Mold spores, often found in bathrooms, around windows, or in damp basements, are also killed immediately with a vapor steam cleaner.

The vapor from a steam-cleaning appliance works to actually kill the dust mites and mold spores that can cause allergic reactions.

These hard-working, yet easy-to-use, cleaners heat up plain tap water to 240° F - 260°F. This is a high enough heat to sanitize and thoroughly cleanse your home's flooring and many other surfaces. 

The high heat of the steam vapors can penetrate the pores of nearly any surface. Also, since vapor steam cleaners only use tap water to do their job, allergy sufferers can avoid the additional exposure to other allergens in the form of toxic cleansers that are normally used for cleaning.

Here Is How Vapor Steam Cleaners Work To Help Your Allergies:

No chemicals are used. The cleaners use just tap water heated to a high temperature that produces low moisture vapors. The vapor itself, by the time it reaches the surface you need to clean, is made up of only about 6% water. This is why it is termed "dry steam" or "dry vapor." 

The water in the steam cleaner is placed into a specialized boiler, allowing the appliance to be continuously refilled without cooling down between re-fillings. The heat loosens up dirt, dust and mold in your carpets or other types of flooring quickly, leaving your surfaces extremely clean with no residual cleaning fluid. 

The pressure in a vapor steam cleaner is low, at 50-60 psi. This allows the steamer to avoid making a mess of water spurting all over the place, including the very allergens you are trying to get rid of.


Dust and mold are killed on contact with the vapor from a steam cleaner, relieving your allergies and thoroughly cleansing your home.


Vapor Clean II Home Steam Cleaner

Vapor Clean II Home Steam Cleaner

The Vapor Clean II Home Steam Cleaner is an Italian-made steam cleaner with a 5 percent dry steam vapor and heats to 298-degrees F in 10 minutes. Weighs only 17 pounds with water. For Rugs, Floors & More.

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