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How to Get the Most out of your Air Purifier

Air purifiers make for excellent additions to any home or office, regardless of whether or not you suffer from allergies. In recent years air purifiers have gotten smaller in size and price, making them practical purchases for just about anyone.

Whether you are trying to fight troublesome asthma or allergies or just want peace of mind knowing the air around you are clean and pure, a small air purifier can provide great benefits. There are some things to consider when using an air purifier to ensure you get the most benefits out of it.

Air Purifier Fan Speed

Most modern air purifiers will come with a variable fan speed, similar to regular room fans. Unlike standard fans, there is more than meets the eye to these different fan speed settings. An air purifier is not just blowing air into and around the room. Rather, the fan speed of a purifier also controls how quickly air in the room is taken in and cleaned.

A well-made air purifier cleans the air as it passes through the appliance, with no slowdown in the air speed moving through. That means the higher the purifier fan speed, the quicker the room is cleaned of particles and allergens.

Of course, these higher settings have drawbacks. They use more energy, made the purifier louder, and oftentimes will clean the air less efficiently than lower speeds. That is because if too much air is rushing into the unit too quickly, it makes sense that the cleaning mechanism will reach a point where it simply cannot fully clean it fast enough without slowing down.

This makes higher purifier speeds only recommended when large numbers of people are in the room. Otherwise, keep the fan on low. It may take longer to see the full effects, but you will pay less in electric bills and be getting a better result from the purifier.

Proper Placement of the Air Purifier

No matter how hard you try, you cannot stop the air around you from filling with dust and dirt. Whether they come from people, pets, furniture, or the outside, these microscopic particles will be present.

This makes proper placement of an air purifier very important. In order to get the most out of it you need to choose which room needs cleaning the most and where the best area in that room to achieve it is.

The recommendation is to choose the most heavily trafficked room. If the living room is the center of attention in the house, place the purifier in there. Otherwise the bedroom is typically a good choice.

Whatever you do, once you choose the room leave the purifier there. They can take a long time to cycle through the air in a room even once. Constantly moving the purifier with you as you move about the house will accomplish nothing except wasting energy.

Once you choose the room, place the purifier in an out of the way area away from any doorways that open to other rooms. This will ensure the purifier is not just sucking in drafty air that is blowing from other areas. Instead, it will be focusing on the stagnant air that has been sitting in the room for some time.

This air most desperately needs the cleaning. Proper placement of the air purifier inside the room ensures it is cleaning to its maximum capacity.

Changing Filters

A portable air purifier is the same as central air conditioning in that it requires regular maintenance of its filter. These filters are the main piece that allows the purifier to clean the air.

Over time, the filters will clog up with all the particles being collected, and eventually they must be changed. Failure to do so will keep them from cleaning to their full potential and will allow more and more dust and dirt to slip through the purifier and back out into the room.


If you start to notice that air is not flowing out of the purifier evenly or at full blast that is a good sign to change the filter. Otherwise, get in the habit of checking the filter every six months. If it appears dirty and clogged, toss it and get a new one. It will keep the purifier working much more effectively for much longer.



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