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Beating Allergies with Steam

By Kara Mitchell

Allergies to dust and molds cause discomfort to many people, and even pose a serious health risk to others. One of the most effective ways to ease allergy symptoms in the home is to clean with steam.

Dust mites are microscopic organisms that live in the porous surfaces of our homes such as carpets, mattresses, and the tiny grooves in hardwood floors. They survive by consuming organic detritus, such as the flakes of skin that humans and animals naturally shed.

When a person has an allergy to dust mites, their body is actually reacting to the waste produced by the tiny organisms. These particles are easily stirred up by walking across a carpet, sitting on a mattress, or even moving through a room.


The obvious solution to a dust mite allergy is to remove the cause of the problem; but vacuuming and dusting tend to stir up more dust particles around the home than they pick up. Not only is this an ineffective way to remove the dust particles, it makes the air quality worse and ends up actually contributing to the problem.

Steam cleaners (not to be confused with hot water extractors) turn water into a low-moisture vapor that is hot enough to neutralize dust mites, and lift and remove the waste that is left behind. Regular steam cleaning eradicates dust mite colonies and improves the overall air quality in the home.

The ability to lift and remove stubborn dirt and grime also makes steam cleaners ideal for refreshing high traffic areas in carpet and worn upholstery.

Due to the moist environment and the use of shower gels and shampoos, mold is a common household problem that causes many people's allergy symptoms. Steam cleaners come with multiple attachments for every heat-tolerant surface in your home.

A brush attachment is perfectly suited for cleaning grout lines and other bathroom surfaces that collect mold. It will not only kill the mold spores, it will remove the grimy build up leaving surfaces looking like new.

Another benefit of steam cleaning is that it uses only heat and water vapor to remove dirt and grime. Cleaning supplies typically contain harsh chemicals that pose their own health and environmental risks. 

The fumes from cleaning supplies tend to aggravate the airways of allergy sufferers and are not an ideal solution for maintaining a clean home. The high heat also eliminates common pests such as fleas and bedbugs.

With the ability to safely deep clean and refresh a variety of surfaces as well as thoroughly remove dust and mold, steam cleaners are the perfect home cleaning option for allergy sufferers.


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