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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to help describe this Website.


Q - When did this site start?

A - First published on August 23, 2018.

Q - Why did you start this site?

A - Seeing a lot of people suffering from Sinus and Lung issues including myself.

Q - Are you a Not for Profit company?

A - No, independently owned and operated.

Q - Are you experts in IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)?

A - No, just publish the Articles.

Q - Could you be considered an Authority in Indoor Air Quality?

A - Maybe, creating this site has increased my (IAQ) knowledge base exponentially.

Q - How do you make money?

A - Get a commission on products sold and advertising.

Web Content

Q - Do you Write your Own Articles?

A - Some, most of the articles are purchased and written for TAP.

Q - What is TAP?

A - The Air Purifier.

Q - Are the Articles written by experts in IAQ?

A - Yes, some of them are and others are educated people in related fields.

Q - How important is Indoor Air Quality?

A - Bad Indoor Air will lower your Quality of Life.

Q - Is Mold in your home a Serious Problem?

A - Yes, especially if it's Black Mold and you have Allergies or Asthma. It all depends on how your body reacts to breathing in mold spores in the air.

Q - How can you tell your Indoor Air is Poor?

A - Problems like coughing, sneezing, runny nose and more chronic problems like sinus infections, allergies and asthma will occur.

Products & Services

Q - Do you sell your own Products?

A - No, but I use two of the best in Sylvane and Life Extension®.

Q - What Machines can I use to help Improve Home Air Quality?

A - Air Purifiers, Dehumidifiers, Air Conditioners, Vapor Steam Cleaners. See Machines.

Q - If I need a Service Company to come to my home can you Recommend one?

A - No, not at this time.

as of March 3, 2020

Disclaimer: Articles not intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent Diseases.

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