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How to Reduce Mold Smells in your Home

The Air Purifier

The higher the moisture or humidity levels in your home the more it is going to smell especially in the summer months. If you just want to mask the moldy smell, then some organic air freshener might work to cover up the scent, if not read below.


Humidity plays a major role in the production of mold. Normal humidity levels in your home should be around 30% to 50% all year round. Anything over 50% humidity will help mold grow and then release mold spores which can be dangerous to your health, especially Black Mold.

Investing in temperature gauges that show heat and humidity levels and have them located in the basement and on all floors in your home will help tell you when humidity and heat levels are too high. These gauges only cost about $10.


Unfinished basements can also give off a mold scent because of exposed wood and materials like cardboard and carpeting. Finishing your basement is one way to reduce mold smells and help prevent mold growth.

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1. Dehumidifier

One of the best ways for reducing moisture in your home is using a dehumidifier. A good dehumidifier can lower humidity in your basement or home below 50% making it difficult for mold (fungus) and bacteria to grow.

You can pay up to $500 for a good dehumidifier for an average sized home but they are worth every penny. Make sure you get the right size for your home. They will also filter the air and can be connected directly to your drain which is extremely helpful in the basement.

2. Air Purifier

A quality air purifier with HEPA technology will be able to filter out those toxic mold spores that have become airborne in your home. They also can filter out odors and chemicals with their charcoal filters. Air purifiers will help circulate and purify the air creating a home air purification system.

3. Air Conditioner

These machines whether portable or central air conditioning will not only bring down your temperature they will also lower the humidity levels. Lowering moisture levels will also reduce the chance of mold growing and giving off those terrible scents.

Water Damage

Water Damage could be another problem in your home, especially in the basement after flooding. You need to check every wall, floor, carpeting & furniture to look to see if mold is growing. Mold can start growing 24 to 48 hours after a flood.


Mold is not the only thing that stinks & loves humidity, bacteria could also start growing in damp basements and other areas in your home.


Anytime humidity levels go above 50% in your home, there is a chance it will start to smell. Just make sure mold is not growing anywhere in your home especially in the basement and bathrooms. The Best way to lower moisture in your home is a Dehumidifier but Air Purifiers and Air conditioners also do their part in improving Indoor Air Quality.



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