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Air Purifier Humidifier


What You Need to Know About an Air Purifying Humidifier

By beconrad

Year after year, one of the most consistent problems reported by homeowners is that of dry indoor air.  This dry indoor air problem tends to be most noticeable in the winter months, when the home tends to remain tightly cl…

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Air Purifiers Provide Allergy and Asthma Relief

By Mary White

Does someone in your home suffer from nasal allergies or asthma?  As a lifelong allergy sufferer, I was so happy to find out about the many benefits of air purifiers for my condition.  I have taken allergy shots and prescription allergy medicines for years, and my symptoms are u…

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Using an Air Purifier


How to get the most out of your Air Purifier

By The Air Purifier

Air purifiers make for excellent additions to any home or office, regardless of whether or not you suffer from allergies. In recent years air purifiers have gotten smaller in size and price, making them practical purchases fo…

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