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Ionic Air Purifiers and the Benefits of Ionized Air

By Jamie Sue Austin

For those of us that suffer from allergies and asthma air purifiers are necessities. But choosing an air purifier can be complicated as there are many different types available.  The newest innovation is the ionic air purifier. Ionic air purifiers were made famous by Sharper Image which advertised their systems on late night television. 

Unfortunately, this has led to some skepticism behind their performance. There is some general confusion circling exactly what an ionic air purifier does and how it ionized air benefits people.

Ions are molecules that have lost or gained a charge. Negative ions are molecules that have gained one or more electrons. This gives them a negative charge that pulls positively charged ions to them. Much like two magnets drawing each other closer. Nature generates negative ions on a constant basis. Sunlight, waterfalls, ocean waves, and rain all generate negative ions. 

When negative ions are in the air, they are drawn to other positively charged molecules. These molecules can be dust, pollens, smoke and even some bacteria. When the negative ions connect with the positive molecules, they become too heavy for the air and fall. 

Sometimes odorous gases are also pulled from the air. This accounts for the fresh clean smell after a rain or fresh air and at ocean beaches. 


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You can test this effect for yourself. Run the cold water in your shower for thirty minutes. Keep the bathroom door closed. When you open it again you will notice a significant change in the atmosphere. This is negatively ionized air.

Ionic air purifiers work by creating negative ions with a small electrical charge. This gives stale air a fresh clean smell. The particles that fall from the air land on carpets and tabletops and can be cleaned up.

Because the particles could be stirred back into the air most ionic air purifiers have collection grids. Collection grids are charged plates that drawn the molecules from air. They can be easily cleaned and do not require replacements like purifiers that use filters.

Because ionic air purifiers remove contaminates from the air, they help improve air quality. This can lead to a reduction in symptoms from allergies and takes foul or stale odors out of the air. However, the benefits of ionized air don’t stop there. 

Negative ions help encourage oxygen absorption in the blood stream. This results in an increase in alertness and energy. Some people even feel uplift in mood when exposed to negative ions.

Many people suffer from headaches and nausea when exposed to air-conditioning for prolonged periods of time. Some people feel the same symptoms when spending long hours in front of a computer. 

Home electronics like computers and televisions put out positive ions. Air conditioners remove negative ions from the air. If you find that you suffer from these symptoms and that they go away once you step outside for some fresh air an ionic air purifier might be a viable solution.

Ionic air purifiers have a few benefits over traditional air purifiers. The first is ease of use and cost effectiveness. There are no filters to change and the unit uses less energy than a typical air purifier. The collection grids can easily wiped clean and replaced. 

There are no parts to buy. The second benefit to ionic purifiers is that they are amazingly quiet. This makes an ionic purifier a better choice for places like bedrooms and nurseries where noise is a concern. 

Some ionic purifiers also come with additional features like a small fan to better circulate the air or an UV light. UV light kills airborne bacteria, microbes and viruses and when combined with an ionic air purifier can help improve the over all health of the home.


When shopping for an air purifier it is important to determine what features, you want in advance. Ionic purifiers have dropped significantly in price over the years with some models costing as little as sixty dollars. But not all air purifiers are equal. 

Before decided on a particular brand or style take into account how large the room is, what type of warranties and guarantees are included, and what kind of additional features are available. 

Comparison shop for a purifier that meets your needs and is within your budget; and start enjoying the benefits of ionized air.

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