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Rhinitis Causes, Symptoms, Solutions & Treatments

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It is an irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane in the Nose. Also called Coryza it can lead to all types of nasal problems like stuffy nose and sneezing. 

It affects between 10-30% of Adults and up to 40% of Children making it the 5th most Chronic Disease in the USA which there is no cure. Common types of Rhinitis is Allergic & Nonallergic.

Rhinitis Causes

The two main types of Rhinitis are Allergic and Nonallergic. Allergic Rhinitis causes are mainly from Allergens like Pollen (Hay Fever), MoldDust and Pet Dander (Skin & Salvia).

Nonallergic Rhinitis are more stress, changes in environment, food, odors, smoke, perfume, alcohol, and certain medications.


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