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Invest in Air Duct Cleaning for your Home

By Jerry Tyson

Duct clearing is required by private and commercial building owners and managers to improve indoor air quality, prevent equipment breakdown, and prevent fires from dryers. Air duct cleaning services can help improve the condition of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and associated air duct s.

Seasonal maintenance is essential for proper functioning of the air ducts and reduces the likelihood of equipment breakdowns, and dryer fires.

Rise in Allergy Sufferers

Demand for air duct cleaning has risen with the growing number of allergy sufferers. Allergens, dander, dirt, dust and pollen buildup are some of the reasons why periodic maintenance is needed.

One of the most potent indoor causes of allergies is common dust mites, which grow in warm and damp environments. Their buildup in air ducts over time makes allergic people more sensitive and others more prone to allergies.

Allergen Build-up and Allergic Reactions

Repeated exposure to biological allergens causes allergic reactions, which can be swift after re-exposure. Diseases such as humidifier fever are associated with large buildings as well as homes. Dust mites, pet dander, mold, and pest droppings or their body parts can trigger asthma, and contamination can cause airborne diseases such as Legionella.

The natural functions of indoor air circulation attract particles into ducts. Reduced air flow from buildup increases utility costs. Usually, this buildup is invisible, with results that can manifest in different ways. If there is contamination, it can make you sick. Moisture in the environment breeds microbial allergens.

Allergens and Warm and Humid Environments

The proximity of buildings to water or their location in a warm and humid environment makes their indoor environments prone to allergen buildup. Biological allergens breed better in a moisture-laden atmosphere.

Indoor Pollutants vs. Outdoor Pollutants

Indoor pollutants significantly exceed outdoor pollutants, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The health of indoor inhabitants gets compromised with continued exposure to contamination.

Unsurprisingly, the increasing amount of time spent inside buildings has corresponded to a higher sensitivity to allergens. That is worrying for vulnerable youngsters, inhabitants with impaired health, and America's aging baby-boomer population as allergens are a leading source of chronic diseases.

As chronic diseases can be hereditary, children and the adults they become are also vulnerable.

Air Duct System and Its Cleaning

A conventional system has a network of ducts that circulate air throughout the building, with a central supply duct that passes air outwards and inwards via smaller branches. 

Impaired and compromised operations increase the probability of contamination and recontamination, which proper care and cleaning can remedy. Competent cleaners will clean the whole duct network to prevent recontamination, using means determined by individual requirements.

An investment in periodic air duct cleaning services is budget-friendly and beneficial for health. Homeowners and building managers should not forget to utilize this precaution regularly.



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