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Mold from Water Damage: Tips to Find a Quality Mold Removal Company

By Terry Banks

You probably already know that mold can do significant damage to the health of anyone living near it. A small amount of mold can be cleaned up by you with the help of the right products. However, a very serious mold problem is not something that you want to tackle yourself.

The right course of action would be to hire a mold removal company (also known as a mold remediator or mold remediation company). But it would be a mistake to rush and hire the first company you come across. You could end up being charged too much or you might choose a mediocre company that does a poor job.

This article will reveal some things that you should be aware of before you choose a mold removal company.  

Ways to Find a Mold Removal Company

You’re going to learn some questions that you should ask before you hand over your money to a company. But first, here are a few different ways to find mold removal companies.

  • Search the Internet. You can go to a search engine such as Google to find companies. You can search for something like “mold removal + (your city name).”
  • Call your insurance company. Many basic home owners insurance policies don’t include coverage for mold damage (depends on the source of moisture), but that doesn’t mean your policy holder can’t refer you to a company.
  • Ask family or friends for references. If you know someone that has dealt with a mold removal company, you can ask them about their experience and if they would personally recommend the company.

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Some Questions that You Should Ask

1. Are you licensed and insured?

Make sure the company you hire is properly insured and licensed to perform mold removal in your state. If the company says yes, demand to see proof!

2. Do you guarantee your work and for how long?

Do not hire any company that doesn’t guarantee its work. If you’re told that there is a guarantee, ask for the length of it and demand to see it in writing.

3. Does the company have any complaints with the Better Business Bureau?

This is something you can find on your own via the Better Business Bureau website.

4. About how long will it take to do the job?

5. What is the estimated total cost for your services?

You need to ask this to avoid any big surprises upon completion of the job.

6. Final Tip: Contact Multiple Companies

You would be wise to obtain estimates from at least three or four different companies to compare the prices and services offered. Do not proceed until you fully understand what each company offers to do and the approximate cost for services rendered.

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