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Machines to Clean Your Air and Home

Here are six machines that will help Clean, Monitor and Regulate the air inside your home. Contributing factors to clean air are Air Filtration, Humidity levels and Germ Elimination. These methods should help Allergy and Asthma sufferers.

Air Purifier

If you suffer from Allergies or Asthma then eliminating Allergens like Mold Spores, Dust Mites, Pollen and Pet Dander in your home would be a good idea. A Hepa Air Purifier can take very small particulates out of the air and trap them in it filters. It’s these small particles in the air which can cause Allergies and trigger Asthma. → Read More

Air Conditioner

Why would an air conditioner be a good machine for cleaning the air? Most air conditioners will lower air temperature and take water (humidity) out of the air. If your humidity rises above the 50% level mold can start growing, dust mites are flourishing plus it’s uncomfortable to live in. Plus, if your temperature at home rises above the 72 F / 22 C level it can affect your sleeping and energy levels. → Read More

Carpet Cleaner

Your carpets should be cleaned regularly if your have allergies to Dust Mites, Mold, Pollen and Pet Dander. Your sinuses will start clogging up if too many allergens are in the air. Even bacteria and viruses can live in your carpets. Using a Vapor Steam cleaner is the best and healthiest way to clean your carpets because you don’t have to use Chemicals. → Read More

Dehumidifier / Humidifier

An example would be if you can’t keep the humidity in your home between 30% to 50% (normal) then try using either a Dehumidifier to lower humidity or a Humidifier to raise your humidity back to normal levels. Mold (Fungus) and Bacteria will start growing at humidity levels above 50% and Flu Viruses will thrive at humidity levels below 30%. Its all about balance.

Steam Cleaner

These machines can kill Germs, Bacteria & Viruses like salmonella, staph and e-coli without using any chemicals, just steam from boiling water. In order to kill these germs, you need water heated to 175º F, vapor steam cleaners can heat water up to 240º F. → Read More

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Ladybug 2150 Vapor Steam Cleaner

Ladybug 2150 Vapor Steam Cleaner

Even more compact than the 2200S, the Ladybug 2150 includes many of the same premium features as the other models including a continuous fill design, ergonomic fingertip controls, swivel wheels, and an accessory kit.


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